Life Worth Living; Dr.Ravindra Nyaupane (Gautam)

We are created for specific function in this world mainly through our vocations eg. to be musicians, artists, athlete, vet, accountant, environmentalist, army or philanthropist. American author Rick Warren in his bestselling book The Purpose Driven Life – talks about being ‘wired’ to do certain things (see this useful TEDtalk California 2006 video by him). For example, I wasn’t aware of my research interest until I did my MBA at USW where I discovered my research skills (in doing my master’s dissertation within the MBA programme) which later translated into my PhD research at Swansea University.

I suppose some experience, extinct (deep cry of your soul) and asking others (your calling) helps you find your distinct profession/career as ordained by the creator and which is neatly sited deep in your being (thus you will know when you find the fit).

Men and women are called to work and excel in it, and we only can do that well if only it is a right match between our being and aspirations – with the ultimate motive that how we contribute to this world in the realm of people, nature, economy, innovation etc. This leads to a more fundamental question of: what is the purpose of our existence on earth.

Our purpose on earth – why do I exist?

Beyond our profession and more fundamentally, we are created to bear conscience, mercy, forgiveness, love and care unlike any other creatures on earth – so our true humanities lies in the applications of such virtues and qualities.

Whether this be about caring for natural environment or the poor/disadvantaged people or social causes – these are the true/fundamental purposes to pursue which are greater than your immediate interests.

A human can’t live just to feed himself, we’re made for purpose greater than ourselves. This is in fact inbuilt in us which is evident because we hate injustice, disease, evil and so on – therefore to fight against such issues and promote collective good is an apparent matter for us. Your professions contributes toward such worthy deeds.

Beyond our profession and service to the others, we also have our creative-self whether you play sports, write music or are an artists or have other hobbies, they are enduring tunes to our life to keep it on, so keep re-fanning them.

Life is not always a smooth sailing

The above are areas of life to make a man or woman complete. However, we know very well that at certain point in life, our wrong choices and failures happen which lead to difficult state of life and outlook. We need someone to redeem, we need someone (a role model, a teacher, a friend, family member) to lift us up, something to change for better. I faced such time of utter hardship and God the messiah himself redeemed me to fruitfulness.

The metaphor of an uprooted plant that cannot plant itself back into the soil (but needs someone to do it) is the such state of life. Therefore, call for help, rescue and ultimate redemption, and offer the same to others who need it (when you’re better off). So, there are failures and hardships as much there are success and joy. Hard work, persistence and focus on the vision combined with human characters – these are the things that help us do well in life (with some intermittent hardship).

Writer is associated at University of South Wales (USW), UK as a lecturer in business strategy.

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